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Thursday, October 07, 2004


Uproar as 'celebrity' Rebecca Loos ...err ... helps a boar play its part in artificially inseminating some sows on reality TV show The Farm. A Sun front page dedicated to criticising 'brunette Rebecca' for her antics. 'Bestiality on the box' complained one veiwer; 'it was so disgusting I could barely watch' said another.
Now I'm not one to miss out on a good 'reality TV - how low can it go?' hypothetical question. But this new storm in a petri dish smacks of double standards. The majority of us townies don't like the thought of humans manipulating pigs. (A minority actively download such images from the net, but that's another story.) But we don't mind delegating a few zookeepers to doing the same in order to save the poor pandas from their own tiny libidos.
By all means keep these basic agricultural procedures off TV, if only to help us think happy thoughts when we eat a bacon sandwich. But to see bestiality lurking in every celebrity farmyard really takes a really dirty mind.


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