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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The 7/7 Blame Game

During a recent radio appearance strong links were made between the London bombings and US/British foreign policy (not by me I might add). Meanwhile the government peddles the 'they hate our way of life' line, and anyone who disagrees is beyond the pale, to be bracketed with Respect MP George Galloway. Some muttering in the Guardian suggests this is disingenuous, and that British support for the Iraq war did lead to the bombing.

For opponents of the war, and the continuing occupation of Iraq, it's important that we have our cake and eat it too. Yes, US/British foreign policy frequently undermines national sovereignty; move away from Middle East and recent history shows Guyana having its leaders more or less appointed in London and Washington, to use one of countless examples I could have chosen. But by linking these individual terrorists to the causes they think they represent, pundits do them a favour. Their self-righteous sense that they act on behalf of the wretched of the Earth is nearly as outrageous as the bombings themselves, so let's not give them any more credibility.


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