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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seasonal slowdown

Not too many posts will be forthcoming between now and Semester B (starting 6 February) on account of workload. Yes it's time for marking and second-marking - that's grading to US readers/users - and people hounding me for scraps of paper I should have sent them in 2005. So the usually sluggish work-rate on this blog will slow down further still.

As usual, links to my writings elsewhere and observational gossip will pop up as appropriate. I'm also working on,
among other articles, a review of Political Philosophy Comes to Rick's: Casablanca and American Civic Culture (ed. James F. Pontuso).
New blog section:
What's been on my X-Box?
Carnivale Season 1 DVD; But I'm a Cheerleader; The Forgotten; The Tesseract.
This week's 'book on the bus' was China Mieville, King Rat.
[Eagle-eyed users will see this as me inaugurating a regular feature to direct more traffic to Amazon and thus assist with my child support etc. Correct!]


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