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Friday, June 30, 2006

Terminator 4ever: The Rise of the Machines

A while ago I noted that a Manchester Metropolitan University social psychologist wanted happy slapping to be reclassified as street terrorism. Kids don't share this view, apparently. For them 'happy slapping is not the most feared bullying either, 51 per cent believe taking the mickey out of someone’s looks is worse', according to a poll in The Sun ('Poll: Kids are Fatheads', 29 June 2006).

MMU's Professor Holmes was back in the news yesterday, telling us 'Mobile phones have broken many social taboos, with people answering calls in the middle of a conversation or chatting away on the toilet. This again demonstrates the effect modern technology has on our behaviour' (David Rose, 'Britain is running more than a day late', Times 29 June 2006, p.5).

No, people have broken social taboos, by choosing to use certain objects in ways that are generally rude. The objects themselves are not to blame.

Pet peeve: ITV4 is fast becoming the home of the GCS (US generic cop show) in Britain. Then why do they pick up cancelled shows and market them as the next big thing, in the knowledge that they have already tanked stateside and the characters are in TV Purgatory? First Wanted, now Big Apple. At least the regular viewer knows they will get their life back in good time, whereas over on More4 four nights a week of NYPD Blue is a bit much . Must get out more.


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