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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still Neurotic after all these years

It's an honour when Steve Drewett of the Newtown Neurotics pops up on my blog, commenting as he does here. To make life easier for him and the reader, I'll reproduce this posting below, hopefully with working links.
Steve Drewett said:

Hi Graham,

Steve Drewett from the Newtown Neurotics here, the purpose of this posting is to let you know that I now have a blog that I complete everyday so that people can read what goes on in my head as we lead up to a little flurry of gigs hear in the UK. I thought you too might be interested in what's going on in the Drewett head. It's a strange thing (the blog, not my head, oh I dunno though), more like a narrative that is time shifting through three separate years but each journey is important to why we are playing again. Some of it is quite grim and unpleasant. If you have the time to indulge have a read and see what you think.

and we have a myspace site too

which has an interesting old video of 'When The Oil Runs Out' on it. I might not be available at the moment because MySpace was hit be a power outage over on the west coast and it's taken them all day to get their sites back online. The video section still isn't back yet as I write but will be.

And of-course we still have

Hopefully I'll get to see the band this Friday, as they play a 'homecoming' gig in Harlow.


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