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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All quiet on the blogging front

Right now I'm finding somewhere to live and getting ready for a new term of teaching. So ideas for blog content tend to bubble up but seldom develop into commentaries. There's a couple of other, bigger projects I'm involved in writing at the moment too. That's partly why I let Big Brother 7 go by without saying a great deal. But at the time I noticed that the final eviction night show was playing in direct competition with Sky Sports 2 Championship football - in a Leicester City pub at that! Oddly, BB runner-up Glyn Wise and City striker Matty Fryatt were starting to look alike as my head moved between the two TV screens. (Admittedly both sport the same haircuts.)

It's not just me - I've noted tendencies towards Leicester-based confusion on the sports pages before. The following day's Guardian labelled Levi Porter as Momo Sylla in its match report photocaption ('Leicester's Mohammed Sylla evades Coventry's Andrew Whing' [Football, p.8]: of course he did, he wasn't playing).

There are certain movies and such like playing in the background as I do my thing. These include:
Doctor Who - City of Death
Doctor Who - Edge of Destruction: an RP enunciation masterclass.
Last Days (it felt like it, I can tell you).
Reruns of Miami Vice season 2.
The Fly II.
I'm thinking of switching to radio...

*I'm also dumping some stuff on eBay as part of moving - shop wisely!


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