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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Harry slapping

"My Harry's Off to Iraq", says royal girlfriend Chelsy Davy in a Sun front page story (27 December 2006). Trips to Reno, NV and Rio de Janeiro will help her relax while her beau is stationed overseas. Needless to say, equivalent trips are not planned for the partners of other combatants.

When "Haz" gets to Iraq, a game of "chopper chicken" might be in order. The same day's Sun reported that four soldiers stood still as an Apache helicopter gunship roared past. "To beat boredom, thrill-seeking forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are vying to come up with the most daring film clip. Top brass have blasted the craze and fear someone will be killed" ("Let's play chopper chicken", p.5).

It sounds like happy slapping to me, although a man with a hammer sees nails everywhere. (I'm also reminded of my grandpa's account of military life* as a mixture of tedium and danger.) One step on from Princes who dress up as chavs, I suppose.




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