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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eco towns and the uses of English

A recent snippet in The Times caught my fancy, when coverage of eco-towns threw up the following:
"All four in the first wave will be expected to have a zero-carbon school by 2013, and parks, playgrounds and gardens will make up 40 per cent of the towns. At least 30 per cent of affordable housing will be required, with one member of each working couple expected to work in the town." Are we to take it that 70 per cent of the housing will be unaffordable? Probably.

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Blogger Graham said...

As Steven Daley ( out, the Times also states that "at least 10,000 homes would be in place by 2016". By my reckoning that's a commitment to build a measly 400 or so houses on average every year for the next 6 years in 4 locations around Britain. The ambition!

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