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Monday, September 06, 2004

Golly gum drops

One of the big claims made about the cyberspace revolution was that the distinctions between health and ill-health would be abolished. Virtual identities, presumably including blogging, would be used to 'squeeze out the meat' and let us all get on with life online, in the style of Donna Haraway. My current bout of herpetic stomatitis leads me to believe that this was another example of the kind of cyber-pants that led to fleeced 'new economy' investors and academic mumbo jumbo: my mouth feels like it's full of broken glass the whole time and a walk to the shops is exhausting, to the point where updating my blog leaves me knackered.

I hope to be better next week, but this week saw me too wrecked to do a spot of gonzo journalism at GamestarsLive!. Next week will probably see me too clapped out to go and see the Nightingales, as promoted by a good friend. [If you have noticed a slight tweak here compared to the September 2004 version of this entry, thank the litigious turds threatening said friend over similarly named promotion companies.] So all in all I sense a wasted week pending, as I wait for my gums to grow back and get a sense of what early retirement can be like.

Regular readers could console themselves with my new series of film profiles in the TES New Teacher supplement; a sample copy is available here.


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