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Thursday, December 02, 2004

"He wasn't much of a fighter...

... so he wore a big hat."
So went a track on the first Nightingales LP I ever bought. So what was going to happen two decades later when John from Ambition Promotions took me to see their final gig of 2004? Well it was rather good actually. They all look like polytechnic lecturers these days, but then again, so do I. Word is that punk forerunners the Prefects were re-formed especially for an academic conference in 2001, sparking sufficient interest to get the mature band back on the road again. Cheers all round to John, Rob and the boys.
Whatever next, a Marmite Sisters revival?

PS. While the 'Gales were halfway through their set and I was enjoying myself, eco-trainspotter Laurence Durnan (; tel. 0781315429) was still up late Googling for information on the so-called LM Group, named after a magazine that closed down four years ago. Durnan cuts and pastes home addresses and employment details - including mine - onto a green blacklist that makes up part of the wiki-based Misinfopedia (find the link yourself). As I went for the last tube at 0:22 GMT, he was exposing a dangerous conspiracy of, errr, people in their day jobs.

Laurence, stop torturing yourself. If you change the security settings in your Microsoft Windows, the late-night internet porn will download properly. Allegedly.

Seriously though mate, get a life.


Blogger Graham B said...

Mr Jukebox adds - I shit you not about Laurence Durnan's trainspotting. 11.30pm Xmas day he was filling out his blacklist slot on one Reshi Parag ( . Get a life ...

1:12 am  
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