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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Washington post

I'm currently in D.C., hence the lack of recent postings as I concentrate on the non-virtual world. But my film review of Kinsey appears here. Meanwhile Leicester crashed out of the FA cup unceremoniously, not long before I toddled down to a sports bar to watch the game, showing on time-delayed video tape (as opposed to going in a bar at 8am, which is a bit decadent even for me). Like that classic Likely Lads episode I tried to avoid hearing the score. Needless to say, first someone blabbed it and I saw Paul Dickov's killer penalty through the bar window while the landlord finished making the tape. No way was I paying a $10 cover charge for that.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Ruth Price discuss her new book, The Lives of Agnes Smedley.


Blogger War of the Worlds said...

An interesting thing about the Ruth Price book is that she set out to disprove allegations of espionage made against Smedley but ended up with plenty of evidence that she was a spy. Not to worry, she was still heroic, says the author. Perhaps oddly Library of Congress was the home of this book launch - I can't see that happening during the Cold War.

4:55 pm  
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