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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Murdoch Pressed

Who controls the past, controls the future. This just in from Lance Murdoch over on Marxmail:
"I created an article on the US No Gun Ri Massacre during the Korean war.

On July 11th, someone with the IP address began
white-washing the article. They made misrepresentations about what
had happened, what US policy was at the time and other such things. I
reverted back to what I had written, but they reverted me, changing [it]
back to what they had written.

So I became curious who this was. I consulted , which told me that any IP address beginning
with 214 belonged to the US Department of Defense. Then I did a PTR
(also called a reverse DNS) lookup, and found that was

Well, I knew mil meant military. CentCom I remember from the film
"Control Room", they are the people trying to spin the Iraq war for
the world (and especially the US corporate) media. But MNSTCI?

A little checking around showed me MNSTCI stood for the United States
Central Command's Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq.
So my tax dollars are paying for someone at CentCom's Multi-National
Security Transition Command - Iraq, which I suppose is some sort of
modern version of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, to go through my
Wikipedia edits, removing all reference to massacres the US did over
half a century ago.

If you click the link above and the "history" button, you can see the
IP address. Various Internet tools (like the ARIN link) will show you
where it's coming from."


Blogger Maj D said...

MNSTC-I, unfortunately, is not some Orwellian Ministry of Truth. It's just not that much fun. It's the joint military command (US and International) responsible for recruiting, training and equipping Iraqi security forces (military and police). Beware of assigning all things DoD to the "dark shadows" world. I worked there for a year - it's not all that exciting.

11:44 pm  

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