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Monday, January 30, 2006

The conceptual gift that keeps on giving...

I'm not one to inflict my private life on readers of this blog. Now and again some personal anecdote will fit in with a topical news story. A funny thing will happen, usually not on the way to the forum, or a story might be leaked to me that's too good to keep to myself. But generally no pictures of my cats or speculation about individual emotional well-being. The Internet has plenty of that already.

All in all I'm a laid back guy. Life's to short to get too worked up about most interpersonal stuff (putting aside my erstwhile marriage for a moment). This does mean that when I do lose it, or selectively go for a show of rage, the bollockings and tantrums prove more effective. But it takes a lot to get me riled. Even in my time as a club doorman, I can only recall one occasion when I really enjoyed giving someone a kicking... So as you can probably tell, my respect for the potential of the Internet stops me cluttering it up with my inner monologue and similar codswallop. Who give a toss anyway?

Where the net does come in handy for personal gain is selling off my old stuff on Amazon and recruiting Californian housemates from Craigslist (as housemates, not to hook up with). Here indeed was where said housemates were to be found. As the contract on our place nears expiry, it turns out I'm not laid back after all. In fact I'm informed that I'm passive-aggressive. Not just passive-aggressive, you understand, but "prone to the most passive-aggressive behaviour that is humanly possible", no less. Like putting an extra 'U' in the word behaviour, just to annoy those yanks?

The beauty of this 'personality disorder', embodied in the word 'passive', is that it can be alleged even when lacking in any actual evidence. Or when everyday mistakes and goofs are interpreted according to this psychological framework. Therapy beckons. Or different housemates. I know which I'd prefer.


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