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Friday, April 14, 2006

Four sore points*

1) Horror movies that start with cornea transplants will not end well for the eyes in question. It's as if a sixth sense is telling me this when I'm watching, but still I watch.
2) Hardcore fans of Doctor Who, such as my daughter, sometimes debate where the Peter Cushing version of the Doctor fits in with the official canon, apparently. Having seen one of these movies recently, I'm convinced there is a better way for them to use their time.
3) Josie Appleton's school days invite a disturbing recollection: "When I was at school in Nottingham during the miners' strike of 1984, we used 'scab' as a term of abuse. For adult men, 'scab' meant a class traitor who crossed the picket line; for us, it only meant someone who picked up a 2p in the playground." As an adult man who will pick up 2p in the street - not least to avoid having to break a £20 note in future - where does that leave me?
4) An animatronic turkey will set you back $20 000. Wholesale. £49 gets you a live chipmunk in Beckton. I'm in the wrong line of work.

Time to purge some of the trivia from my brain.

*Also the title of an EP by Anti-Pasti: buy it here (UK).

'>(US readers can buy it here.)


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