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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gene Pitney - Don't Mean to be a Preacher

... but it's sad to see the premature death of the falsetto-prone singer midway through a UK tour. My teenage credibility was undermined by a fondness for Pitney (and Matt Monroe), based first on a friend's vinyl and later on those greatest hits CDs discounted for sale at petrol stations. These easy listening habits meant I'd never score 100% in a BBC how punk are you poll. Nevertheless, Pitney spoke - in an arcane and vaguely camp time capsule - to my moods from time to time. I recall being in a Nottingham pub, pleased to see the video for his chart-topping duet with Marc Almond playing in the corner. You'll be missed, Mr Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes).

Half term entertainment:
Doctor Who - The Green Death (buy DVD here, UK) ('>buy DVD here, US)
Russell Troy, Monster Boy (buy book here, UK) ('>buy book here, US)

You guessed it, my girl's school is closed for Easter.


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