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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Football clubbed: Steel city manure (and Man U)

Microsoft's current "dinosaur" ad campaign tells us the age of "I accidentally clicked reply all" is over. Not in Sheffield, where Wednesdayite Councillor Peter Price inadvertantly sent a "pigs" email about Sheffield United to all and sundry (story here). A spokesman for Sheffield United supporter's club said Mr Price should resign. "I know it's not earth-shattering but I still think it's very disappointing from a person in his position," he said. Price apologised, but added "the banter will continue". Doesn't he know the age of banter is over?

Meanwhile a correspondent with bigger fish to fry writes: "Being hated like/by [Manchester] United means you matter, hence when anybody from Chelsea is interviewed in the media they're desperate to say 'we're not respected enough, nobody likes us'. But unlike Millwall, the thing is Chelsea care about it (too much). Also Chelsea are desperate to drum up antagonism between themselves and United, hence recent 'outbursts' in Sunday papers, which interestingly have since been denied - maybe illustrative of the lack of conviction on part of Chelsea to play the 'nobody likes us' card. The ABU tag still belongs pretty firmly in United camp especially given the Glazer buyout and setting up of FCMU (or whatever they're called - I prefer FUCM). Even their own supporters would prefer anybody else but United. United still sit pretty firmly at the centre of the political economy of fear and (self)-loathing in English football." Quite.


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