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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hip to be the Square

I'm skint. '...the tradesmen at the door, the school bills, the rent due, all turning up with an ordained regularity. Money frenzy for breakfast along with pride and hope .... In life it is common to find persons in truth absolutely broke, and yet there they are the next day buying newspapers.'*

So the spending continued, as promised, at a Neurotics gig last night at Harlow Square. Faces from the 1980s were there in abundance, including Attila and Dave the Dentist Womble. Support acts were the Price, who seemed to be staffed entirely by clones of the journalism professor Martin Conboy, and the Sweeney, who blotted their copybook with a protest song against 'white trash', the sole non-Eastern European ethnic group it's okay to abuse these days. The Neurotics themselves were excellent; tight, funny and money I don't have well spent.

* Elizabeth Hardwick (2000), Herman Melville: A Penguin Life (pp. 17, 30) (buy it here).


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