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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Playing soldiers

Like me, some high profile advocates of the war on terror/Euston Manifesto/'decent' left appear to be in their late thirties (e.g. Nick Cohen and Oliver Kamm). Cynics might say that on safely reaching their 32nd birthdays, and becoming too old to join the UK armed forces, they could let rip with support for militarism, protected by this demographic coincidence. I say raise the maximum age to 45 so these tedious commentators can find their true vocation.

If liberal pundits are looking more and more like the armed forces, the armed forces are also looking more and more like the rest of society. Yesterday's Metro (27 August) told of litigation around a huge compensation claim (for a broken ankle) and an Air Training Corps commander involved in extensive fiddling of charitable grants and the honours system. Some people and institutions richly deserve each other.
Two interesting-looking new fiction books, reviewed in the Guardian here and here:



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