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Monday, February 19, 2007

Going out live

Claire Fox News – Ideas behind the headlines will be broadcast live for the first time this evening, Monday 19 February at 8pm. If you miss it, it will be archived.

This week’s programme is on the fallout from Celebrity Big Brother.

The guests are:

Dr Graham Barnfield - senior lecturer in journalism at UEL who blogs at The Loneliest Jukebox (but you knew that anyway). Author of 'From Direct Cinema to Car-Wreck Video: Reality TV and the Crisis of Content', in Reality TV: How Real is Real?
Richard Woolfenden - film maker, Director XUBE TV.
Chris Jury - actor, writer, director.
Amol Rajan - on-screen audience co-ordinator for Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff, author of forthcoming book Take a Bounty Like Me, which is a manifesto for the handling of ethnic minorities in Britain.



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