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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Buddhists of Suburbia

Over at the Times Higher Education, I am reviewing the Media Lens book Newspeak. See how deftly I avoided the temptation to have a dig at the final chapter's call to replace journalism with meditation. Wisely, Brendan O'Neill started his review of Media Lens' Guardians of Power by saying he does not wish to be drawn into a lengthy correspondence after upsetting the authors; the same applies to me.



Blogger Graham said...

Hmm, which quotes from the THE message board should I add to my CV?
* a corporate propagandist
*his writing is so murky I don't know what it is
* consists of little more than vague generalisations, high-falutin waffle and straw men
*the rubble of its protracted bib-soiling,
* stay-at-home hack
* this sunken ship
*achingly simplistic
*a bit player in LM magazine's "coverage" of Trnopolje
* stuffed with silly reductions/distortions of Media Lens arguments
Choices, choices ...

11:44 am  

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