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Monday, February 21, 2011

All in the timing

Knowledge is power, according to this online graphic. Yet just this morning, here's me reading how about it comes from paying a bunch of mercenaries.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not again

Temporarily boring:
Links to one of my old blog posts from 23 February 2006 have just appeared online as 'evidence' of, er, something or other. My post, from almost five years ago to the day, considered whether the author of the Temporary Hoarding blog had a bad memory or was just making stuff up in response to my blog. By reading other autobiographical material on his blog and elsewhere, it became clear that he was claiming to have been in two places at once, among other things. (Bear with me on this, reader.) Soon a reply to me appeared, now dated "4/8 March" (2006); the date indicates that two versions of the post existed, with some clean-up done on the first entry in the intervening days before the 8 March version.

Much silliness survives in the new edit, casting doubt on its reliability. For instance, there's an alleged screening of Gone with the Wind in Sheffield which I am supposed to have organised but which DID NOT HAPPEN. Full stop. It's a lie or a hallucination. Anyone who can prove I staged this event and that my memory is playing up or that I am lying wins a cash prize. 

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