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Monday, July 12, 2004

Barbecue massacres

I thought from the initial headlines that we were getting more of the same from ASLEF, where rival rail union leaders got involved in a punch-up among the beefburgers. A contact close to the union informs me that this is just the tip of the iceberg and such events occur regularly among supporters of Brothers Rix and Samways, particularly in the ballroom (!) below ASLEF headquarters.

Tragically, the events in Highmoor Cross turned out to be a lot more serious. Brendan O’Neill offers an interesting commentary on these developments here. Peculiar times: after years of campaigning against police harassment, one ends up bemoaning them keeping off the streets due to a collective loss of nerve. The Angelic Upstarts used to sing of the dangers of PC ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ gunning down innocent bystanders, but he’s too busy conducting risk assessments these days. Back to penalising speeding drivers for you, officer.

What would gung-ho Victorians make of the surrendering bobbies?


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