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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cheerio Kampfner

For as long as I've had internet access I've been a keen reader of Against the Current. (Pre-web, I blasted through back issues in the library of Wayne State). Although I'm more keen on Alan Wald's 'Reviewing Red' section, the magazine's homepage used to boast that many readers would turn straight to R.F. Kampfer's humorous columns. Now it transpires that 'Kampfer', a.k.a. Neil Chacker - the activist behind 'Random Shots' - has succumbed to cancer.
I never knew the guy, but it's clear he could find comedy amid life in Detroit. His obituary* also reveals a keen deer hunter and firearms enthusiast, giving the lie to the idea that so-called gun nuts are all right-wing. Adios, amigo.
*David Finkel, 'Neil Chacker, 1942-2004: A Rank-and-File Fighter', Against the Current #113 [Volume XIX Number 5] (November/December 2004).
PS. Details of my next public lecture appear here.


Blogger Graham B said...

Elissa Karg Chacker got in touch to say "Neil would have really enjoyed reading about himself on your blog." You're welcome; it's just a shame I was commenting on his obituary.

3:19 pm  
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