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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Paine for Blunkett

Five weeks to go until the birthday of Thomas Paine, the man they could not contain. Should I bake a cake, or do something more self-esteem boosting and economically helpful (apparently you can do both at the same time now)? Or is indulgence of any sort a step on the road to joining the street homeless this Xmas? You would think so from the endless discussion of "Britain's binge-drinking culture", manipulated reasonably competently by former Home Secretary David Blunkett. The Sheffield methodist came a cropper when he failed to keep public and private life separate, after launching countless policies which brought the state into private life for the rest of us. Faced with the authoritarianism of Blunkett, a 21st Century Thomas Paine or two would come in handy right now.

My review of House of Flying Daggers appears here.


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