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Monday, May 09, 2005

Still lost in translation

Over at a cultural industries weblog in Portuguese, the ever-thoughtful Rogério Santos is reflecting on our most recent exchange. My command of foreign languages being what it is, I have to rely on a google translation. Like subtitled movies, this brings its own problems. The Professor noted the same problem on his blog. At least I think he did. Here are his comments on the exchange, again strained through the improbability of a Google translation:

"Curious detail : the 19 of last December, a writer and English university professor, Graham Barnfield, entertainer of blogue The Loneliest Jukebox , post was considered to translate one mine, where I spoke of a book on this thematic one of the Big Brother , of which it is co-author. Being unaware of our language, it was helped of the automatic translator of the Google. The translation is an astonishment. As it is obtained to be ingenious! Later, we changed messages, where Barnfield confesses that of Portugal it only knows a hand full of names of soccer clubs."

Although his English is probably better than mine, Rogério may struggle to recognise these words as his own. Chances are translation has left them barely recognisable. Let's hope the boys and girls in Santa Monica can improve this software rapidly, or I might have to break with British tradition and start learning another language.

(On that note, thanks to a certain Utah divorcee for giving my friends and me a laugh in Las Vegas the other week. Perhaps wisely, she didn't want to visit us in London because she doesn't want the hassle of learning a foreign language. But she appreciated us making an effort by learning English before coming to Nevada ... )
"Honest, it were no trouble, miduck."


Blogger Rogério Santos said...

Thank you for your reference to my weblog "Cultural Industries". Well, I think it is a good idea to learn other languages than English. Why not Portuguese language? But Portuguese is a difficult one to learn, really difficult. Have a nice night and good posts!

9:16 pm  
Blogger Graham B said...

Just to confirm my description of the joys of Google translation, here's how one of my 'happy slaps' quotes in German reappears in English: Medium expert Graham Barnfield of the Londoner University OF East said at the Wednesday evening in the television station ITV, "Happy slapping" is in the eyes of the authors a kind abbreviation to the fast fame. They wanted to impress people with the pictures of struck victims in the InterNet. The aggressors will besides ever more brutally, in order to overtrump itself mutually." Brilliant stuff, particularly being a 'medium expert' (semi-pro?). Link appears here

6:02 pm  
Blogger Graham B said...

And here's my fluent French, a la Google:
For professor Graham Barnfield, person in charge for the department media of University of East London, these young people are in the search of notoriety.
"I think that the +happy slapping+ is for the attackers a way of reaching to the celebrity instantaneously among people who see these images", it declared during a special emission on the chain of television ITV.
According to him, emissions such as "Jackass" or "Dirty Sanchez", where one sees teenagers trying cascades stupid and often very painful, are to be blamed.
"the children who look at these emissions say +après all, perhaps that me also I can carry out my own sequences of pain and humiliation+".
An analysis confirmed on ITV by young followers of the "happy slapping".

On balance, the good thing is that the technology exists at all...

9:30 am  
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