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Friday, June 03, 2005

Pun-ch drunk

My response to the DCMS Green Paper on the BBC Charter is available here, if that's what floats your boat. It's a direct link, unlike the one mentioned in the previous post (below). As one would imagine, this factoid is hardly a source of great puns to use as the title of the posting. This is not the Sun newspaper, after all.

A correspondent asks 'why are some posts to your blog mini articles on the issues of the day, and others short entries promoting your writing or even the tat you sell on Amazon?' A neat synopsis, and the reason is simple. If someone else will publish my writing, that's where it will appear, especially when payment is involved. This blog can then be used to indicate to readers where it can be found. Other materials, initially insubstantial 'WTF'-type observations that no publisher would touch, appear here. More recently this blog has been useful for staying up-to-date with my happy slaps debacle, which took me onto Australian radio last night/this morning (depending on one's timezone). And finally I'm a big fan of the public/private distinction most of the time, so I won't be using the blog as a personal diary very often, or a chance to enthuse about cats.

On the cultural front, I went to the preview of Sin City on Monday, the final episode of The Thick of It was screened and the Newtown Neurotics are reforming for a one-off gig in Brighton. Bucket and spade at the ready (and that's just after seeing Sin City)!


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