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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Auction here

From TV Listings:
Homes Under the Hammer (Stereo) (T)
Lucy Alexander visits a Devon bungalow and Martin Roberts explores a flat in Margate."

Yours truly was interviewed briefly for this show, on the subject of what should be done with the flat in Margate. In the style of Why Is Construction So Backward, I argued that the site should showcase the latest and greatest in prefabrication, taking the lead in pioneering the five million homes needed in South East England. No idea if my ramblings will make the final cut though.

Incidentally, at the time I was staying in the giant block of seafront flats that doubles as an asylum seekers' hostel in Paul Pavlikovsky's excellent movie Last Resort. They're actually quite nice inside...


Blogger wlbcpa said...

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10:56 am  
Blogger Graham B said...

The actual footage of me talking was shown on 28 November 2005. GB

10:49 am  

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