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Friday, September 09, 2005

Back to work

Monday 12 September sees me back in action, when some regular blog entries should start appearing again. The last three weeks have been uncomfortable at times, but also a chance to relax and veg out. This includes watching British crime caper It Was an Accident, where many of the locations are familiar and in walking distance of my home. Control of my beloved Walthamstow dog track is in transition, between old style racist gangsters ("I used to drive for the Krays") and sharply dressed Asian mobsters. In reality, rumours circulate widely that real owners - the Chandlers - want to sell it off to George Wimpey to build a housing estate. There's already a campaign to "save our stow" apparently, although its website isn't up and running at the moment. Let's hope the track stays: it beats the NIMBY campaigns against a local branch of Tesco or extended hours for Antony Bruno's Regal Nightclub.

Finally it was great to see the Newtown Neurotics back in action. The fiery trio - quartet if you count the rotation system of bass players - have reformed for a mini-tour, starting with Attila the Stockbroker's 25 th Anniversary gig. "Great to see everyone rolling back the years" I told one punter. "What do you mean? I was seven when they split up" he replied. Yikes!

* Over in the October 2005 Intermedia, I'm suggesting policy solutions to happy slapping (print edition only at the moment). Will post the link when it becomes available.


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