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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy Lazarus

The issue of happy slapping just keeps on coming back to life, like the biblical character. Now the non-striking Professional Association of Teachers want to 'delete the word from the educational vocabulary' (i.e. ban the word), along with the word 'failure'.

Happy slapping is not really 'happy' after all, we are reminded. A motion will be debated at the national conference starting tomorrow in Buxton: ' Conference deplores the use of the term ‘happy slapping’ to describe what is either assault or a glorified form of bullying, and calls on all in positions of power or influence to support schools in their attempts to stamp out bullying in all its forms. Proposed by: Jim O’Neill.

The same motion will be debated on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme tomorrow, Monday 25 July. If all goes to plan, yours truly will be appearing as part of this broadcast.


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