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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Running out of pithy happy slapping puns here, folks...

Happy slapping: while the press speculation continues to advertise the practice in the UK, overseas commentators wonder what's going on. There's a detailed essay (in French) appears here (pdf) and here (html). German pundits are also watching the 'brutaler foto-handy trend' with interest. As are some in Hungary. As I've noted before, when I put the coverage through a google translation, the situation seems even more confusing. For instance, "Medium expert Graham Barnfield of the Londoner University OF East said at the Wednesday evening in the television station ITV, "Happy slapping" is in the eyes of the authors a kind abbreviation to the fast fame. They wanted to impress people with the pictures of struck victims in the InterNet. The aggressors will besides ever more brutally, in order to overtrump itself mutually" (link here). If that's how I talk, it's suprising that I'm even considered a medium expert...

*Sometimes you don't need to speak the language to get the drift of article. How about this phrase: "Happy Slapping-Attacken hat Premier Tony Blair jugendlichen Rowdies"?


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