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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cross-channel contagion

Happy slapping comes to France, according to Le Figaro magazine. I'm also featured in the story. Needless to say, when subject to a Google translation, the article is almost complete gibberish:
'On his Internet site, Dr. Graham Barnfield, specialist in the subject, affirm that “the idea to even divert itself by filming free attacks against passers by, schoolmates or passengers in public transport is not foreign with the popularity of the emissions of telereality”. And to add: “The telereality has an impact on our glance, on our attitudes. Today, the humiliation of a person became a source of entertainment within the framework of these emissions. It is not astonishing that teenagers try to recreate their own version.” In response to the analysis of Dr. Barnfield, a young anonymity answers by these words on the blog of the same site: “I return right from England where I did myself of the happy slappings. To put a tart or right a small slap at somebody it is funny. You do not worry, since my return I already started in France! ! !”


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