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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Making me neurotic

The Newtown Neurotics. Don't these guys ever age at all? This weekend I saw the band from whom this blog takes its name and things seemed unchanged. Granted, Colin Dredd sits out most of the gig but has a worthy replacement called Don on bass. Meanwhile Attila the Stockbroker pogos episodically at the front and blokes my age in a mosh pit do air guitars, clenched fist salutes and all the rest with gay abandon. Before I can make comparisons with seeing dads dancing at weddings, I'm joining in. It's the 1980s again - let's kick out the Tories!

Missing from the fray was Janine Booth, who appears on the Neurotics live album under the nom de plume the Big J. Whatever happened to her?


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