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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Right Clyde

Local news: I won't be turning this blog into the Oxdown Gazette any time soon. But once again we return to the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Regular readers needn't worry about my blog getting more and more parochial; after all, Walthamstow -- as part of Kashmir on the Thames -- is on the frontline of war on terror, apparently. (Those anoraks who think I live in Miami Beach may see my coverage of Northeast London as part of a deeper conspiracy.)

Anyway, some sensible words from publicity-shy council leader Clyde Loakes. Police and the council are 'exploring' ways to evict Al-Ghurabaa boss Omar Brooks (a.k.a. Trevor) from his Leytonstone council house (that's public housing, US readers). Brooks heckled Home Secretary John Reid on a recent trip to the borough.

In a lucid moment, Loakes told the London Lite newspaper that 'while he did not agree with Brooks's views that did not mean he should be evicted from his home' (Robert Mendick, 'Police try to help evict extremist Omar', 29 September 2006). Finally, a New Labour politician who does not confuse words with deeds and seems uncomfortable with making up legal sanctions on the hoof.

No promotion for him then.


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