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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Putting words in my mouth (and taking them out again)

A spot of interest in my in-tray distracts me from the distractions at work. (Q: What do you call someone who decides to re-name all the rooms of a University campus on the day the new students arrive? Answers on a postcard please...)

First of all a fairly random blog entry from February this year attracts a letter from a publisher wanting to anthologise it. This follows the same piece fetching up in the Leicester Mecury, like a whale lost up the Thames. You're welcome ...

Then someone from TAC Presse for M6 Télévision would like to get my 'updated thoughts on the happy slapping phenomenon, which I understand is both a) old news in the UK, and b) a widely-exaggerated "epidemic" which can be very dangerous nonetheless'. I will co-operate, although she sounds like she's already got them (assuming people have 'updated thoughts' - I thought we just have new ones, if any.)

What I'm watching:


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