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Friday, February 17, 2006

Nights of the Living Dork

Just been moving house, so a bit quiet on the blogging front. Just about had time to wonder about why today's protest movements have produced little in the way of a corresponding cultural movement and to look for a postal address so I can congratulate my friend Juliet on the birth of a baby girl, Gracie-Rose, yesterday. She weighed 6lb 12oz (baby, not Juliet). (Thanks to Chris for letting me know and supplying the joke here.) I took the picture of a bison off the blog as it was a bit memory intensive and really slowing things down. It was not as disruptive as having some generous soul make a zombie out of my previous PC which - if the diagnosis is correct - really slowed things down. So apologies for all the industrial quantities of hardcore porn that you may have been emailed while I was sleeping. And for those of you who like that kind of thing, don't thank me, just doing someone else's job ....

Meanwhile over at the Leicester Mercury, the technology correspondent is quoting directly from my recent post on the London whale. S/he introduces the post as 'a clever thing that Graham Barnfield actually did say. Well, wrote.' Does this refer to all the times I've been misquoted recently? Or does it imply that most of the time I'm unlikely to say/write a clever thing? This morning, it feels like the second of these is the right one.


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