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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Labored discussion

There's never a bad time for a discussion of Michael Denning's book The Cultural Front. (Feel free to add your own Lemony Snicket-style examples of bad times to do this, but you get my drift.) Last night I was involved in trying to work out how New York-centred social democratic politics and culture made its way down to South Beach and manifested itself in art deco hotels.

Apparently, when Denning was at the Wolfsonian a few years ago he told his audience that the 'The Laboring of American Culture' was all around them. Apart from the gorgeous Treasury-funded post office mural in SoBe, the book group struggled to work out the exact mediations. However, I suspect that - like the holes in the fossil record exploited by televangelists here - just because we didn't find them, doesn't mean they're not there.

(A picture of said mural is at the bottom of this webpage.)


Blogger ...He Works For The MAN!!! said...

Hi Graham, check out for info on the magazine.. By the way Lemony Snicket's... Was a beautifully shot (and cast) film but where was the script? Not many films from the last few years have actually induced sleep unto me, but this one did.

Take care,


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