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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tommy Sheridan broke my computer

After the News of the World lost the libel action brought against it by Tommy Sheridan MSP, it hit back with audio tapes which -- the paper claims -- show that Sheridan perjured himself in court. Sheridan has replied that the evidence against him has been manufactured. MI5 might be involved, he says.

At the risk of being called a traitor to the working class -- as I was when I finished with Labour Party Young Socialists, an outfit controlled at the time by Sheridan's political ancestors -- I can only hope that Mr Sheridan will not be giving technical evidence in his defence. According to the BBC, 'Mr Sheridan, a Glasgow list MSP, remained defiant as he held a press conference in Dundee, and insisted the tape was manufactured.
"I saw with my own eyes when we made party political broadcasts what we can do with computer graphics as far as voices are concerned," he said'.

If the author of Imagine and A Time to Rage thinks you can alter voices with computer graphics, he's probably not your first port of call for IT support.


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