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Monday, November 03, 2008

Working Doors, Dalrymple Deconstructed

The new issue of Reconstruction, a section of which I co-edited, is out today. Read on.

In the same issue is a book review of books by Simon Winlow and Theodore Dalrymple. If it seems like these books have been around for a while, that's because they have (the review having gone around the houses at one journal for donkey's years before getting rejected, while leaving me to guess this fact for myself).

What I really needed was for the bloody thing to appear at around the same time as an earlier review of a Francis Gilbert book, as with it I might have avoided a grumpy email exchange with Dr. Winlow himself. Anyway, hopefully the belated appearance of this review article might set things straight.

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Blogger Graham said...

The contrast between the two books helps to explain shifting perceptions of contemporary Britain, mediated through the issue of anti-social behaviour. Much of Dalrymple's moral authority rests on his experiences; unlike his carciatured liberal do-gooders, he says, he's actually met burglars, rather than just observed their handiwork post festum.

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