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Thursday, July 15, 2004

No-glow Areas

Clubbing in Miami last year made me all too aware of the levels of official hostility to the club scene, including encouraging a ban on glowsticks. Current federal involvement, which outstrips even that of the British government in the years between the first stirrings of a panic and the 1994 Criminal Justice Act. Legislators seem hell-bent on making the club scene unworkable.

Some see the most recent Gulf War as W's continuation of his dad's first Gulf War. Perhaps the motivation here is rooted in continuing the erstwhile war on drugs, a knee-jerk response to political exhaustion. Campaigners against this state of affairs see it as an unholy alliance of killjoys and the religious right. (Jesus Christ!) Either way, government regulation of leisure time is invariably more of a problem than the so-called problems it sets out to solve.

Further reading:
Carla Spartos and Gavin Herlihy, 'Bush's War on Clubs', Mixmag, 08.04, pp.49-52.


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