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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Not dead, just busy

Yes, there have been no posts in two weeks. No, don't expect to see my obituary in the Miami Herald any time soon. It's grading and assessment week where I work, and if I was the whistleblowing type I would create new, white-collar definitions of physically impossible.

So no time to comment on anything much, except to say an earlier blog entry hinted that the series 24 would cause a row in the UK too. I was kind of right: it's OK to endorse government torture, just don't go misrepresenting fictional Muslim families whose story arc is only four hours old. The government's latest draconian proposals are a lot worse than some actors pretending, just to put things in perspective. Perhaps fellow Sky TV character Rodney Marsh could cause a real row by teaming up with Jack Bauer and upsetting everyone.


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