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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pass the Courvousier

A design industry friend recently sent me the new Alcohol Concern self-testing guidelines. These allow you to work out if you or 'a friend' - i.e. also you, only more bashful, less lion-hearted - is a risky drinker. My results came back as follows:

* Their drinking is medium risk and they are likely to be drinking above safe levels.
* They are more likely to experience harm as a result of their drinking than most people.
* This means that they are more likely to have accidents, social or psychological problems and are more likely to develop more serious alcoholproblems in the future than people who drink safely.
* The good news is that they may not have experienced harm so far and should be able to avoid serious problems if they cut down.
* Their score is higher than 73.5% of UK adults.
('Their' refers to me, incidentally.)

Yet I drink sweet FA at the moment as I'm constantly on painkillers. Is the acceptable level is a quarterly gargle with mouthwash supervised by the Salvation Army?

Libertarians have a point. I need a drink.


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