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Sunday, July 18, 2004

CBS need investigating

So farewell then, Sara Sidle.  Internet entertainment sources report that Jorja Fox has been fired from top US TV show CSI following a pay dispute.  It seems to me actors need to get better at negotiating contracts where, if a show grows in stature, so too do their wages.  TV stars are not the most hard done to group in society, despite their frequent warbling to this effect. But the volume of actors ‘resting’ and waiting tables means that they should aim to ensure that, given the sacrifices up front, they need to make decent money later on. Fox’s rising tide could raise all boats, insofar as it set a benchmark for others in TV acting to aim for.

Ever since I saw Maggie Greenwald’s The Kill-Off (1989) where the then Jorjan Fox played Myra Pavlov I’ve rated her acting, so it would be a shame to see her go.  The success of CSI is itself a bit of a mystery.  In the year of its release, industry pundits saw it as too morbid to win a mass audience, predicting big things for a remake of The Fugitive.  They didn’t realize we live in morbid times.  More recently the show was criticised by The Parents Television Council for subject matter including cannibalism and sex clubs.  PTC rep Melissa Caldwell said: "There are ways you can deal with these issues without having to be as graphic.” Huh? Since when was cannibalism an ‘issue’?


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